Kris savic

Are you ready for your close up? Click the button below to join an interactive zoom portraiture session with Kris Savic! Kris will be drawing portraits individually every 10 minutes, first in best dressed. We can take groups of up to 10 in the Zoom call at any given time, join the waiting room and we will see you soon!

Draw me like one of your friends online

Kris Savic
Interactive zoom portraiture

Picture this, you join a video chat with someone online and they’re drawing a portrait of you. Only you don’t see them drawing you, you see yourself and their hand over your face followed by the outline of their pen. Your video is their drawing pad. You see their pen following your head and filling in the details of your face. When you move, their pen is redirected. It looks as though they’re gliding their hand over your face, like their hand and your face are together, touching. Yet you’re in different homes. Streets, suburbs, maybe even countries apart brought together by a video chat and a collective trace.